The 7 Biggest Search Engine Optimization Lessons I Learned From A Google Employee

After a discussion on Squidoo, I met a woman at an ad agency who would become a co-founder and also a member of the Board of the Founder Institute. Specifically, I had great news — I had been able to successfully increase my visibility with the online communities I was participating in. I also wanted to expand and become as widespread with my Search Engine Optimization techniques and strategies as I was already being invited to do with my organic search traffic.

For the past 5 years, I had been trying different approaches — trying to increase my Google visibility — I finally received good advice, given by the former SEO-expert founder of an online community. She was certainly an expert, who did amazing things with the technology of Google, and had even used Google for her SEO strategy — doing regular Google searches to expose herself and others to the knowledge and experience of the skilled professionals.

This former Google employee felt strongly about this topic because of the fact that despite the superior Google tools, it is still not enough. The web used to be filled with the likes of blogs and websites, people using Google to become more accessible and the ability to do consistent, customized web searches — using “natural” Google searches on multiple criteria — was the best, and the most efficient way to get a more accurate and meaningful web results. I understood her point of view, but wanted to learn more.

I met her often and while I was unable to get a position in her Google team, we did connect in various ways – even in our personal environments. I believe she grew in her knowledge of SEO and the inherent value it holds for many web organizations who would help to encourage her growth in her current job with another leading web organization. Here are my top 7 tips from her as a former SEO specialist at Google about building, managing and running an effective SEO company:

1. Focus

Make sure you still focus on what you do best, and in the end it should make you better and achieve better results. This method applies whether you are an SEO-company or an individual.

2. Seek and Develop Business Partnerships

In a world that is even more competitive, is it possible to build your business without using social media channels or at least established methods of promoting your SEO-incorporation? Considering how little time is available — even for those that have paid for these services — I suggest that the next step is to find and secure business partners.

3. Expand Your Reach

I have always taken pride in the fact that I am an ethical person, and the market gets my best efforts on every issue that I am facing. This is something that my former Google SEO specialist taught me many years ago when I realized that my creativity in teaching and the use of Google Search Methods did not fully reflect my commitment to my students and friends who I needed to reach. Therefore, I realized that I would need to find more resources to help me to sell the services that I offered, i.e. through social media promotion though certainly not excluding proper SEO) while also looking for individual sponsorship through trusted relationships in all social media channels Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.)

4. Expose Yourself

If you are always asking people what they want to be told, people will start not listening to you. People need to want to be educated – that’s why a market leader in SEO is able to get paid and everyone else doesn’t. If you do not have a willingness to expose yourself and share knowledge, you will never be able to provide a service for a client that she has requested.

5. Focus on It

Along with all other functions and activities that exist within SEO-driven companies and individuals, my SEO specialist told me that it was also essential to focus on the SEO process. Many practitioners get distracted by other products and services and times when it gets really difficult to concentrate on one area of SEO, it is essential to focus on it and get it done consistently as possible to get better results.

6. Learn

The most important thing that an SEO specialist and other like-minded individuals can learn is how to write a realistic document that will simplify and provide a simple for others to understand the function of SEO without diminishing their resources — by an added bonus — they will become a helpful resource to others who are unfamiliar with the basics of SEO.

7. Stay On Task

Being an SEO-incorporator requires getting a lot of things done and/or expressing many messages to people and events that constantly keep people at your doorstep. Perishing from sleepless nights as a result of these events may not end up being a very good idea — after all, a lot of what happens over and over read: a lot of what happens in the SEO industry) is repetitive and takes a lot of effort.

I really appreciate these tips from my SEO expert-turned-co-founder and I will be on a quest to learn”], “