Find Which Keywords You Rank For With Keyword Explorer

If you’re a big boss or a fierce candidate looking for a position in the marketing department, you may want to find out what keywords are being used to research you on LinkedIn and social media platforms.

Before going around and searching for their online research, be sure to find and utilize some information resources to ensure that you’re really reaching out to your best prospects and nurturing them, and to actually know exactly what they’re saying about you online.

Keyword Insights from SEOBook’s Premium Edition can aid in this endeavor. But you may have already noticed from certain links or even in an individual’s profile that there may be a few terms related to something else that can easily come up in your search results. It might be your Twitter profile : “Seeking Building on The Strength of Clear Objective and Passion” : or you may be managing several blogs : “Seeking A Passion For Professional Blogging” : or while taking part in industry-specific searches : “Minneapolis Director, Marketing & Analytics” : or signing up for your local colleges’ marketing programs : “Professional-Technical Marketing Program, Hennepin Technical College.”

The key is to be on the lookout for keywords related to your area of focus and then to use them to bolster your portfolio without much hassle.