How To Set Up An Influencer Marketing Program As A Brand

A news story recently featured questions regarding the effectiveness of marketing through influencers, like Does anyone pay attention to these influencers? While speaking with the female speaker at Google at the start of the year, she’d taken it upon herself to ask them who pays attention to influencers anymore.

This poses two questions in light of the answers we receive: 1) are brands really paying attention to influencers anymore? 2) are influencers still relevant?

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The answer to question 1) is often said to be no; influencers are a nice online video view, but they’re simply not all that valuable as well. Although they can do amazing things, they’re also terrible at doing anything.


By no means is a few thousand following a brand in question; they do happen to attract some attention and some sales, but the vast majority of engagement happening with a brand consists of consumers passively viewing or clicking to access the brand’s page or product page on a blog.

So, while brand mentions on a Youtube channel are a nice business achievement, they aren’t so much useful to us.

We also don’t want to see as many products as we can on all channels; not necessarily because they are likely to convert us to shop, but they are likely to negatively affect quality and brand perception.


The second question that runs rampant within the brands-don’t-really-care argument concerns: who really pays attention to influencers?

If marketers didn’t pay attention to influencers in the past, or there’s a disproportionate focus on a few, then at least they will now, because they’re not bothering to ignore them any more.

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Currently, many marketers spend between 10 and 20% of their budgets on social media marketing; they’ve either increased their budget massively, or they’ve found an effective and efficient channel to differentiate themselves from the competition, and this would be great news.

However, some marketers haven’t even moved beyond 5% and they’ve probably never paid attention to influencers before.

Whether you are a marketer, an agency or any other role, you will work really hard to raise awareness for your brand.

You will realize how important it is to be well-known in your target market; just talking and casting eyes over images may be enough, but it won’t really get any more attention than that.

How To Set Up An influencer marketing Program

There are a few things you need to do to set up an influencer marketing program.

1. Listen to influencers and influencers might mention your brand in other ways, such as in their blog posts or on Instagram Stories.

2. Take the time to listen to the influencers; they will probably make exciting recommendations if you take the time to check them out. You don’t want to ignore them because you think that you know better.

3. Use built-in features on social media or apps like Periscope and Twitter to identify influencers.

How Much Coverage Will You Need?

Influencers can come from all over the internet, from different backgrounds, and often get very similar types of posts; however, this does not make them all equally valuable.

Ultimately, on Instagram and some other platforms you’ll be looking for 50k to 1million likes; that might not matter, if your products are only getting 50,000 likes on a brand page. However, you’ll want between 5k and 500k likes on a site like Shopify, if you’re constantly growing awareness.

If you’re trying to pick an influencer, keep in mind that they will only be good or valuable to your brand if you do things they like.

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