Improve Your Keyword Research And Targeting With “Keywords By Site” Data In Search Engine Optimization Tools

RESTON, Va., April 19, 2018 SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Hotwire Travel Research, a travel resource and audience insights management company, announced the release of Keywords by Site, an innovative marketing tool that helps improve keyword Search Engine Optimization SEO) initiatives for digital agencies. This new tool will bring the benefits of keyword research in other industries like content and/or retail to the travel category.

Keywords by Site allows clients to determine and understand the visibility of their assets across a variety of search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yelp, and others. By adding Keywords by Site to their SEO research efforts they can better define the best keywords for their keywords campaigns, target audiences, and optimize their advertising investments. Keywords by Site also allows organizations to compile weekly dashboards on changes across the numerous sites that link to their keywords.

“There are endless advantages that can be derived from Keywords by Site,” says Anacona E. Tam, President of Hotwire Travel Research. “This research initiative leverages all of the knowledge and wisdom of Hotwire experts across a variety of industry settings. Keywords by Site helps companies in the travel industry assess the consumer’s position in the market and the changing demands in the market to decide how to best execute their keyword Search Engine Optimization efforts. It also gives us the right access and knowledge for analysis we can always utilize in the future.”

Keywords by Site provides clients with keyword research on their sites in categories like air travel, hotel/travel, attractions, restaurants, events, stores, etc. In addition, clients can decide on the best keyword search terms to use, brand focus, and how to target different audiences. By performing keyword research this is what happens:

u2022 The data is analyzed and insights and strategies are generated

u2022 Keywords by Site generates thematic reports

u2022 Keywords by Site created dashboard gives holistic view of keywords by site

u2022 Keywords by Site can be saved as reports so company can share their insights in the future

“Keywords by Site is very customizable. We can tweak the research parameters of the Keywords by Site dashboard, including layers of budget categories, audience segmentation, call to action methodologies, and marketing tactics based on budget and area of strategic focus,” says Robert Downey, Publisher of Hotwire Travel Research. “There are multiple modes of data entry through various process customization options in our dashboard module. This allow us to give our clients a very customized and user-friendly analytics dashboard that can be customized for their needs. After all, optimizing is all about finding the right keywords for your website/marketing campaign/product.”

In addition to the many use cases Hotwire Travel Research can provide, the Keywords by Site is very well-suited for agencies that are still working on their SEO. The process of accessing this data can create a high-value source of information for agencies looking to optimize their lead generation efforts.

The best part of this tool is that it works within a browser. Importantly, there is no need to log into or make a configuration changes to the various search engines and it can be used across a variety of search engines Bing, Google, etc.). This gives everyone access to the same information in a simple and easily accessible manner.

Keywords by Site is currently in closed beta, but they have more information about the test states available. You can find out more about the Keywords by Site product and how it can help improve your business, by going to

About Hotwire Travel Research:

Hotwire Travel Research is an audience insights management company and a source of data and statistics. Our team is purpose-built to produce world-class audiences for everyone from individual marketers to brands, including major travel publishers and social media companies.

We work closely with other companies to produce valuable data across a variety of markets and with everyone involved as a collaborator to the end-goal of helping them grow their businesses.

We have a goal of being the first company that offers insights in the market in the path-to-purchase tracking space. This includes consumer insights, customer insights, consumer behavior insights, and marketing insights.

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