Google Lets Advertisers Add A Third Headline To Text Ads

Advertisers could soon get to add a third headline to an ad in the latest move by Google to curb annoying or unwanted text ads.

The company on Thursday announced that advertisers would soon be able to add the new headline to any text ad they run, as long as the text ad is large enough. Advertisers can manage the third headline in a separate section of a Google ad campaign, but click-through rate data will not track the headline versions of those ads.

The third headline is an extension of an earlier feature Google introduced last month allowing users to turn off ads that have only one headline.

The three headline offering is another in a series of steps Google has taken to improve user experience. Last month, the company released a revamped version of its ad blocker that lets users set up whitelists or blacklists to prohibit unwanted text ads, images and links from showing up in their Google search results.

“This new headline option brings a simple one-step tool for consumers to simplify the way they select which ads to see,” Shuman Ghosemajumder, director of product management for mobile at Google, said in a statement.

The third headline feature is already being used by advertisers around the world.