The 7 Biggest Social Media Sites In 2019

Whether or not you use social media is a matter of taste; you can check Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, whatever you want. You can even use a text list for quick updates I do!).

The seven major social media sites compete for your attention, and you can decide who best fills your needs. You can be on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Pandora, or Snapchat. There are even competition sites. If you don’t like them all, you can just use a text list.

This list is based on a survey of the seven top social media sites by Associated Content.


Instagram’s 2013 viral video post of an elderly couple posing for the camera at a memorial services just made us want to like it instantly.


A multiple-photo sharing tool. It might not have gone viral, but it’s a great place to keep in touch with friends or make plans with your favorite people.


Showing how much of a social network it is, Twitter is full of compelling, business-oriented tweets. It’s also great to see cool photos, videos, or quotations from top people.


Just about everything on the internet can be created and edited on YouTube. You can create all kinds of hilarious videos, with the help of YouTube to people you just can’t get in touch with. It’s also a great place to post political videos. YouTube is also great for connecting with your family, like when your dad is obsessed with a certain method of learning history.


This feature tweets from the top politicians and the entertainment industry. It’s great for keeping up with news from around the world. It’s also a great place to set up topical discussions on pop culture.


This free streaming music service gives you lots of music to choose from on your computer, or your smartphone or tablet. It’s also a really good place to find videos from your favorite stars. It’s also great for showing off your musical taste.


This social networking site is different from other social media sites because it’s text-based. It may be easy to miss out on updates if you’re not following posts from people you follow.


Snapchat gives the user access to their photos, videos, and messages that disappear within seconds. You can even create live videos and send live audio and video messages that vanish only after they’re sent.