How to Track Social Media Marketing Results

Here’s how to track results from social media efforts.

Each business has its own unique social media strategy that should accommodate its channel of choice and goals. For example, a packaged goods company may use Facebook for display advertising and Facebook Live to achieve brand awareness. Conversely, a financial services company may have more success when using a YouTube channel and a mobile app to gather information on consumer preferences. Here’s what we at Conversocial recommend businesses put into action:

Decide where to do your online advertising campaigns.

In today’s digital landscape, there are a myriad of options in terms of how to advertise online. When advertisers are deciding where to run their social media marketing campaigns, be sure to take into account what the target audience desires in a specific channel. For example, before deciding on where to run display advertising, businesses should ask themselves if their online campaign will benefit more from a mobile campaign versus a desktop or laptop one.

Hang up on the second-screen approach.

Second-screen experiences are popular because they connect with users while watching TV. However, they also come with added costs. For example, you can use a second-screen experience to enhance the gaming experience. But you must weigh all of the costs when planning a second-screen experience versus a more traditional broadcast ad campaign. For example, you can only test the strategy if you’re comfortable with the expenses and logistics.

Create your social media hashtag.

A hashtag should be kept short and straightforward to ensure the audience engages with it effectively. Be creative with your hashtags, though. You might suggest #top10bookmarks for Instagram or #10hilariousfilms you like on Facebook. Each social media channel has its own hashtag and a growing list of fans. A dedicated hashtag can be a key tool to promote your brand.

Marketers should track analytics from each audience.

Marketers should ask each target audience to fill out a short questionnaire with tailored responses. This helps determine how your content performs. For example, if there is a platform for your brand to place an ad or create a video that’s geared toward women, then it is valuable for you to get a broader glimpse of who the target audience is.

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