Highly Effective Headline Writing For Search Engine Optimization, Social, And Site Visitors

Here is a snippet from my speaking at a workshop of the Google Team on Keyword Research.

Strategically Averting Your Way

The web is going through some very big changes. Users spend a lot more time on websites and nearly all that time is spent on mobile devices. Apps are being used to access the web and content is becoming mobile first. As more users are moving towards mobile, the marketing landscape is going to change. Up until recently the web was seen as simple content. Word-of-mouth would be the main source of exposure. That is changing and why SEO and social have never been more important.

Content Strategy No Longer Works

The goal of the past was to strategically generate high frequency of visitors to your website. This strategy was based on creating high quality content. The problem is that content no longer works and you must find new strategies. Up until recently, you would have numerous high quality user visits to your website throughout the day. You would have to be driving those visits with social media and Search Engine Optimization. However, in the mobile era user relevance is the main objective and traffic is no longer the goal. Your goal now is to drive visitors to your website because of how your content is presented and not because you drive an increase in traffic.

How to Drive Traffic

The goal of a campaign to drive traffic for every site should be based on social media and Search Engine Optimization. However, the goal is not driven by how your campaigns are executed. In the recent update by Google, the change could present some serious issues for those who are content creators. Today, your actual customers are your content creators and you need to ensure they are leading their social posts with your content.

Facebook: You Want Value and Influencer

The idea of pushing your content directly to Facebook is not happening anymore. Consumers are rejecting the idea of pushing their content directly to their friends and family. Instead, the trend is now towards generating value for the people who you interact with on social media. Value is the opinion of your content published; this is why value is the key metric. Because your content is generating value, the people who you interact with are working to recognize that value and will subsequently share it back to you.

So Google+ and Facebook are on the forefront of enhancing value and generating social conversation between you and your audience. By creating multiple sources of value you will be able to connect people and promote engagement with your content. Google+ is optimized as a social media platform. At the same time, Google has removed the ability to promote your own content without permission from Facebook.

Social Media Influencers Will Become More Valuable

The influencer engagement trend will become more important. Social media influencers will become more valuable and your viral videos will become more valuable. Posting great content on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter will remain one of the most powerful tools of marketing. Just don’t get too excited about how these social media influencers are generating more income just yet. The influencer generation has not started yet and marketers need to keep it very fresh and new. Brands need to make sure their content campaigns will gain coverage on the influencers first and then on the websites. If these influencers know your content has been shared hundreds of times on the site and has been viewed hundreds of times then they are going to automatically search to find it.

When Pinterest is inundated with one video after another it will lose credibility and it could lead to a conversion rate decrease. The trends of increased power over influencers and activity related to engagement will place a lot of the focus on channels, such as Pinterest. On the web with Pinterest the competition is particularly strong. What some marketers forget to consider is that the lifestyle has slowly shifted and that Pinterest has begun to pick up the slack because the lifestyle has changed. Pinterest’s vision for the future is also even bigger and the goal for the future is to simplify the lives of its users.

Providing the right content will eventually have everyone in the limelight and most brands cannot afford to fall behind. When you have a great, quality content will encourage users to share it and make you more successful. Regardless of your content production, make sure it is organic and allows your brand and user interaction to get the recognition it deserves.