7 Terrible, No-Good Search Engine Optimization Tactics To Abandon Forever

Life comes at you fast!

You can’t be complacent and overlook the fact that things that come to you can easily be whisked away.

Try to avoid marketing strategies that are already outdated and no longer work. There’s always a newer trick to get you attention.

Let’s start with what you should refrain from doing:

1. Search Engine Optimization SEO)

The technique requires you to understand how search engines function and then you develop optimisations to do things that regular web users can’t.

The only advantage of SEO is that you will get automatic impressions in the search engine. It is not an intentional plan to push your brand’s services that’s against the good practices.

2. Facebook Ads

It’s a site-wide strategy that does nothing for a site but requires you to reach out to your target market.

The average return on investment for an initial two-week campaign is about 6-8% according to data from industry experts).

Don’t make that a habit, either. You might end up making a couple of returns on investment.

3. Link Building

I have never seen a site that has a strong enough site traffic to make up for poor linking.

A weaker link to a better link shows that it’s only successful at getting attention.

A strengthening of a weak link doesn’t mean that it is a long-term investment.

Lacking competency to ensure a correct strategy can easily make your site ignore the fundamentals of its content.

There’s simply nothing compelling about a link that’s withering away and never pays off in an overall benefits.

4. Time-Sensitive Marketing

Basically, you can’t have luck with this. You need to trust in the web’s pursuit of online loyalty and make sure that your marketing strategy will be exclusive and perfect.

Traffic-oriented marketing is like pulling the string of a rabbit: it works, but only temporarily.

5. Pay-Per-Click PPC)

This type of advertising and mostly has a different objective that you can’t sit back and watch.

It is actually the marketing strategist who becomes the hired gun and not the client.

6. Spammy Tweets

You can’t be blindly and blindly following Twitter.

They make many victims of their own creation.

As a marketer, it’s important to know the range of what a customer feels or what they can find before even making a decision.

Having been on both ends of the spectrum, I don’t want to have anything to do with spammers on Twitter.

7. Spelling, Grammar and Bad Images

You know how to use SEO and optimize your website and your website copy, but it’s the stuff that comes with it that is especially troubling.

Content and design is a big part of a website’s success.

Spelling, grammar and images can be a big deal for potential customers.

It’s only fair to ask the reader to be a little more cautious when they go through the small print.

The goal is to ensure that you’re definitely allowing your site to stand out on any major sites out there.

It will most definitely show some favor in search results and increase the value of your domain.

Don’t waste precious capital, manpower or efforts when there’s a better idea out there and just go for it!