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Last year’s great drought has been a sad reminder that there is a dire need for more drought fodder in Victoria. Thankfully that need has been met by the generosity of community members and many farmers. Hundreds of fodder loads have been donated to the little corner of Tatura, one of the larger regional communities with a farming connection. Since the donation of thousands of large amounts of hay from animals in Adelaide, fundraising programs have commenced, raising millions of dollars for the drought relief fund. Each donation furthers the sustainability of the donations particularly with local farmers like the family of Dean Cooney from Tatura. Dean, like his wife Christine, and their daughters Eleanor and Poppy have dedicated themselves to some of the most respected charity organisations in Australia, including Red Cross, the Australian Red Cross, and this year Rotary International. Rotary International and the Glenelg Shire Council have also been instrumental in supporting us in the aftermath of the drought, said Dean. Thanks to Rotary International and the council, we received some good news that we will receive some assistance from DAMA. This money will allow us to start running some much needed programs for our community, particularly for the displaced families who are going to need to find new homes, he said. To many of us, such as Dean, that relief will mean we can restart activities that will keep the community strong. DAMA is a joint initiative by Rotary International and Dairy Australia to make sure the affected farmers of the Murray Darling Basin don’t experience the same type of hunger and malnutrition as their counterparts during and after the last drought that Australia experienced in 2010 to 2011. This u2018lessons learned’ campaign has been a massive success and is expected to continue, with the support of other Australian Dairy Australia local Dairy Cow Clubs. To support, contact the Glenelg Shire Council events and activites office panic@glenelg.vic.gov.au For more information on u2018Lessons Learned’, visit dandaita.org.au/lessonslearned To donate, call Dairy Farmers and Ask for Meagre Mor, 1300 0977; for more information on Colours of Colour, visit dropamend.org.au/


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